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Our holistic approach to hosting events takes into consideration not only the high quality of experience throughout the event itself, but educational opportunities for young athletes and their families; attention to detail for all in attendance, including parents, players, sponsors, college and club coaches to make each tournament or showcase not only a successful event, but an unforgettable experience; the opportunity to transform and elevate the ideal of what a recruiting event should be; and the understanding that our success is dependent upon positive partnerships with all parties.

We are confident in our ability to bring our extensive, comprehensive experience in lacrosse and event management to help to create a national event presence, offer a regional feel and boutique experience, and grow women’s lacrosse nationally.

Our long-standing place in the game and plethora of events we have hosted throughout the last ten years has given us ample experience to take the woman recruiting events to the next level.

We have the infrastructure, support, and all additional requirements to revitalize and renew the landscape of events for female athletes across the country.

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